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 story-driven, hand-tailored film
by Kendra Laidig


I N D I A N A   B A S E D  |  I N C L I N E D   TO   T R A V E L

A Legacy of Family and Faith | New Year's Eve at Notre Dame

A Legacy of Family and Faith | New Year's Eve at Notre Dame

A Legacy of Family and Faith | New Year's Eve at Notre Dame

Corey + Michelle

Ryan + Julia

Christopher + Nikki


V I S I O N + V A L U E S


Covenantal Films was named to reflect my desire to beautifully capture and share the covenant relationship my couples make with each other on their wedding day. However, it also communicates the commitment I choose to make with them as they entrust me with preserving some of the most important moments of their lives - the commitment to serve, to listen, and to pour all my creative energy into crafting a film hand-tailored to their unique story, style, and personality. 



I take on a limited number of weddings each year in order to accomplish this - so please reach out as soon as you're interested in capturing your life and your loved ones in a Covenantal Film.


 I create heirlooms, not just art.

I think through what scenes, sounds, and moments will someday mean the most to my couples, their family, and their posterity, capturing the beauty of humanity alongside the beauty of a day into which so many decisions, prayers, and resources have been poured.

Film time-capsules emotions and voices and memories.

It is the precious gift of being able to relive, re-feel, re-celebrate, and re-vow one of the most meaningful days of your life.


- kendra laidig

S T O R Y - D R I V E N , H A N D - T A I L O R E D  F I L M

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A personalized, boutique experience.



When you book with me, you get me. I will be showing up as your main shooter on your wedding day - never a stranger. 


My inspiration + creation vision for your film comes from the time spent getting to know you, your bridal party, + your loved ones. This continuity in taking the lead in every step of the process is why (I think) I consistently hear the best kind of feedback: "you captured us perfectly!"

Audio-intensive, story-driven film


As you can imagine, recording, organizing, and listening to hours of audio and footage is time consuming. Finding and "DJ-ing together" 2-3 songs that match the various emotions presents its own set of challenges. Then organizing and layering that footage in an order that isn't perfectly chronological (boring) yet still "makes sense," (all within the time constraints of your package), normally feels like one of those 1000+ piece puzzle sets that is quite overwhelming before it gets fun.

Films that successfully evoke all the *many* emotions and moments in a wedding don't just fall together - it takes hours of arranging and rearranging and starting over and thinking and pushing through writers block. But I think I'm addicting to that feeling of finally fitting that last puzzle piece into it's spot - and then getting to deliver my labor of love to a couple who will treasure it for the rest of their lives. 

Not just another couple.


 I intentionally do not take on as many weddings as the average videographer in this industry because I believe that my best work happens when I have the mental and emotional energy to put my best effort into your film (because creative burnout is real).


My way of fighting this reality is by choosing a "quality over quantity" type of business model - booking only one, sometimes two weddings a month. 

My ideal couples are looking for a personalized experience. They want to work with a person, not a just a brand or company. They want a refreshed and inspired familiar friend to show up to their wedding who is fully present and excited to work!

kind words

"Kendra, I could cry all over again. It is beyond perfect and everything I could have ever wanted and more. We watched it together and could not contain our tears. Seriously the most beautiful representation of our day, who we are, and what's important to us. I cannot thank you enough. Genuinely I am blown away. Thank you, thank you for being so dang talented and delivering on every single idea and request I had." - Megan 




Planning a wedding is overwhelming. You are suddenly tasked with allocating your budget amongst a host of vendors booking at various points throughout the year. It can feel like a game of chess navigating a new world in which you're trying to avoid both ditches: regretfully overspending, or regretfully underspending - all while racing the clock competing against dwindling availabilities. Here is my advice:


Although this principle goes for every area of life, I think especially in the wedding industry what things are "worth" can quickly become distorted and confusing. So please - never feel pressured in this process to spend the same % of your budget as what you see on Instagram or what The Knot recommends or what your cousin spent. If I ever get the opportunity to plan my own wedding someday, there are some things I am going to absolutely go bargain-brand for, and there are other vendors I am more than happy to "splurge" on, because it is truly worth it to me.



I think it's because when they receive their film, they quickly realize it is one of the few tangible things they have to treasure from that once-in-a-lifetime-day that came and went like a blur.










And that's what I love about my job. I have the privilege of creating these invaluable, hand-made, labor-of-love films with some of the most precious memories of peoples' lives. I don't take that responsibility lightly. And I'm simply looking for couples who share in my vision of creating those kinds of films - together.


Spend your money in proportion to your values and priorities, not necessarily where others are spending theirs. 



I consistently hear from my sweet couples that some of the best money they spent towards their wedding was on investing in their film. It's about the best compliment a vendor could get.


My films are the way he looked at you that first time and the-good-old-days with your college friends and the unexpected heartfelt speech from your dad. They are precious memories time-capsuled away to show your kids someday. They are keepsakes for you to watch together each year to renew your vows and commitment to each other. I know that technically weddings are the celebration of the beginning of a life together, but they're also the culmination of your entire lives up to that point; a celebration with all the people who mean the most to you in the world.


Please take a few minutes to fill out this form.
We're both looking for a good match - and the more I can learn about you, your wedding, your vision, and your heart, the better we can start that process!


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